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    R12.2 Upgrade: Can I leave APPS. in my DML statements?

    Friend of Oracle

      Hello All.


      We have ran the R12.2 Readiness script in our schema and the GSCC script spat several of our codes that need fixed. We have code that were included because they have APPS schema in their queries. We also have codes that were listed because they reference other non-APPS schema. I know for the latter, we have to fix them. But for the ones with only APPS schema, can we just leave them as is? Since they are already pointing to synonym.


      I read this entry from doc 1577661.1, I think we are ok leaving APPS. but just making sure my assumptions are correct. Please let me know your thoughts!


      Upgrade the table for Online Patching using the  AD_ZD_TABLE.UPGRADE procedure.

      This will generate an Editioning View (EV) for the table and then create an APPS synonym that points to the Editioning View.

      exec ad_zd_table.upgrade('APPLSYS', 'XYZ_USER_SERVICE')  

      The table is now ready for use from the APPS schema. The generated EV is named XYZ_USER_SERVICE# and looks exactly like the table at this point. When the table structure is patched in the future, the EV will serve to map logical column names (used by the application code) to the table columns that store the data in each edition. You can see a display of the EV column mapping with the ADZDSHOWEV.sql script:


      Thanks in advance.