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    Excessive memory utilization with v19.2




      Since I use the v19.2, I noticed that a simple launch of the application uses 1 gig of ram whereas it was the half if not the third with an old version like 4.1.5.

      I installed this product on a Xenapp server which a provides a hosted shared desktop for a support team.

      The memory utilization is so huge that I had to provision additional servers in order to handle 40 simultaneous connections.


      I already tried to tune the product with things like

      - look and feel windows (instead of oracle)

      - disabling of unused features


      I don't want to restrict the JVM size because there could worse effects on the queries performances.


      Any other ideas to decrease the memory utilization ?


      Initially I had 4.1.5 installed and somebody in the team asked for the latest version, not for its latest features or fixes but because it includes the self password reset feature.


      It turns out that this feature was implemented starting with the 4.2 version. I am considering downgrading the 19.2 version to the 4.2 in order to reduce my memory consumption,

      which is, as a non dev/dba guy and Citrix focused administrator, my only concern ;-) Is it safe to do so ?


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          Version of JDK?


          Also, what the OS shows reflects how much memory the JVM is consuming, not how much memory SQL Developer itself is using


          Comparing java monitoring vs OS monitoring



          and if i force a garbage collect...



          SQL Developer is a big application, and we've added a TON of features since 4.1...putting it on an app server, you're going to need a TON of Memory, just like what you would need for something like Chrome


          I'd try running it with java 11 or 12 with more aggressive garbage collection for starters.