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    OEM 13c: easiest way to disable e-mail notifications


      Hi all ,


      in addition to our current OEM (13c, Version we have installed and configured a second OEM (13c, Version Both OEM and both repositories of the OEM are installed and configured on separate hosts. Due to the underlying hardware will we use the new OEM as the main and primary OEM.  The current OEM shall be used as a backup - just in case the new OEM will not be available (e.g. outage of host). We are monitoring 3 hosts with each OEM - on each host are 2 agents installed and configured: one agent communicates with the old OEM, the second agent communicates with the new OEM. This setup works fine and without any problems so far. Currently (and just for testing purposes) both OEM send identical emails (e.g. tablespace to 95% full). Since we want to keep both OEM up and running we only want to get emails from the new OEM - and no emails from the old OEM anymore.


      Now my question is: what s the best/easiest way to disable the email notification from the old OEM? From my point of view do we have the following choices:

      - delete the Mail Server in old OEM

      - delete the Notification Schedule


      Are there any other options to disable the sending of emails?


      best regards

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          You can also leave the settings as-are, but amend your incident rules so that the email notifications are disabled. This is entirely dependent on how your alert notifications are setup.


          In the event that you are creating emails on the back of incidents, you only need to re-enable the email notifications, rather than having to setup and test smtp configuration. It can be left as is.


          Incident Rules -> Rule set -> Email Notification on Severity -> Email / Do not email Administrator.


          You may want to look at recommended EM setups also. Everyone has a setup that suits their organization, but running multiple agents can generate a lot more overhead (they both may try to query the same issues, but also, where there's a problematic query, it doubles the issues on target databases).

          If agents are the same (13.3), you can easily set it up so as you can repoint from one OMS to another.

          Another option is to virtualize OEM. In the event of an issue you can either relocate the VM or revert to pre change.

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            Hi ,


            thanks for your input - you are correct: the settings of the incident rules can be updated in that matter that no emails will get send. This will be a option for us, too.

            And it's correct, too:  Everyone has a setup that suits their organization - due to this we will give the two agents a try and see if there will be a situation which might bother the underlying system.


            best regards

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              Monowar Mukul

              Hi VivaLaVida2019,


              you are getting email based on the setup of incident rules. Option is you can disable the incident rule during your planned outage window. Other option you can setup incident rules for your testing - without sending email notification to the listed emails.




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                Mukhtar Ahmad

                Other way would be to disable Mail Servers --> Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Servers