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    Clone Oracle 12C on New Machine


      Hi ,


      We are trying to clone existing 12C RAC cluster to new machine , where we'll have the RAC software already sits on new machine as of old configuration. The new box will be same in terms of OS , network , names and everything will remain same except we'll not be having ASM disks on new machines , except this , we'll ave everything same as of old configuration.


      I am providing here the high level of steps and am looking , if there are any other method which can cut down the time of restoring and recovering our database's on new machines. Following are the high level steps which we are thinking of implementing.



      Pre-requisites check

      De-configure the existing cluster.

      Detach the exiting cluster

      Run Cluvfy before cluster reconfiguration.

      Clean up the existing cluster.

      Reconfigure the existing cluster.