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    12c Migration - Aggregation issues

    Jaspal D



      Recently my original files were migrated from 10G to 12C.


      I have noticed that especially on Pivot Table view there are issues aggregating data, e.g. issues relating to the summing of the breakdown and/or overall total of the column.


      If I was to apply an additional field so that  the count can be broken down line by line then it will show the correct count, e.g 1's and 0's  but the total sum will be off, e.g. summing to 1.


      In CSV format the data is fine but it appears that the majority of issues relate to the summing of fields that have been created/manipulated  using logic especially in Pivot Table view and sometimes in table/Excel format view.




      Can anyone please advise of what workarounds can be applied and also provide possible reasons as to  why  the aggregation might be thrown off?