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    Migrating virtual machines - OVM


      Hello Team,


      We are planning to upgrade the HP Firmware which is running OVM Hypervisor. Prior to do that need to move the vm's to another hypervisor which is in the same server pool. How much time will take the live migration for one vm which contains 256GB memory and 12 processors. What are the other pre-requisites  for live migration ? Could you please help to plan this activity.



      Jyothish N

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          Ray Frush

          There are too many variables to give you a fixed answer on this.   Speed of your systems, networking, and congestion will have huge impacts on this.   256GB is a large VM, and I'd expect it to take some time.  Our small (2-8GB) systems move in a few minutes, but our larger systems (64GB) take 5-10 minutes (we haven't moved one in a while, so I'm going from memory). 



          Ray Frush

          Colorado State University

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            We have 2 vm's running in that hypervisor with below specifications.




            Max Mem - 200 Gb    Max processors - 10

            Mem         - 130 Gb    Processor      - 3




            Max Mem - 256 Gb    Max processors - 12

            Mem         - 256 Gb    Processor      - 12


            So i can say total memory used by these 2 vm's are 405 Gb and 15 processors allocated. I have another Hypervisor which have 546 GB free memory and only 6 processors free. In this case can i do a live migrate for both vm's to this hypervisor? When i do pre-checks which memory (Max Mem/Mem)and processor(Max processor/Processor) need to check for the same availability of free memory/processor in destination machine.


            --Jyothish N