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    connect From Oracle Forms 12c To java desktop application




      We have an old style 2-tier java desktop application that is using RMI to connect client to server.


      I am trying to call some methods which resides in the client side (client.jar) from weblogic oracle forms 12c application.


      Unfortunately my tries were not successful,


      I read about the issue and seems there are two main reasons,


      the securityManager and the permissions needed to allow the client.jar to make the connection while it is being run from within the weblogic container.


      Unfortunately, we do not have the 2-teir desktop application source code to modify anything,


      and I think we can solve the issue by modifying and enabling weblogic.policy.


      Any help in instructing what should be modified in weblogic to make these calls successful is appreciated.


      oracle forms 12c Version