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    XFA PDF processing by addmultipagebitmap

    Jason S.

      Documaker version 12.5 EE


      We're having an issue processing an XFA type of PDF.  We get an error message on the page instead of the PDF itself.  An error is not thrown in Documaker ERRS or LOGS tables and the document will process to a 999 jobstatus and trnstatus (and produce both Metacode and PDF).  See the message below that comes through on the form.  We're using addmultipagebitmap to pull in these PDFs.  Other than the DAL script to pull in the PDF, the only other option we're using with addmultipagebitmap is Embed(Y).  Is there a way that we can error these out?  Ideally we'd like to error them out in assembler into a 241 status so that we can have a processor correct the issue and then reprocess the document.

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          Hi Jason,


          Using AddMultipageBitmap to insert XFA documents may pose a concern. I'm not sure how Documaker handles XFA docs when added through AddMBP; perhaps Sherman-Oracle  or Mr Peabody-Oracle  might have some insight here. Let's assume for a moment that this is handled without issue. How are you viewing the PDF that is generated by ODEE? I'm assuming that it's in a browser (e.g. using the Dashboard). Does this same error appear if you download the PDF and view it locally using Adobe Reader or Acrobat? If it does work when downloaded locally, then an option that can be pursued is to turn off "fast web viewing", which is a PDF option that allows the first page to be displayed while the rest of the document is loading. I found this KB article from Adobe that suggests browser support for opening XFA documents is not great (they suggest download and view locally). The KB article mentions that XFA docs do not support fast web viewing because of the XFA document organization: content at the end of the document could affect the front of it.


          The Documaker PDF print driver setting  (page 190) that turns on fast web viewing support is:




          If you're able to download and view the PDF without issue and the error message is only displayed when viewing in a browser, then turning off the Linearize option might help.



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            I would suggest trying to run your system as an ODSE environment (i.e. gendata). If you can do so successfully (i.e. use AddMultiPageBitmap to convert the XFA PDF file), then the problem would appear to be specific to ODEE (perhaps a setup issue). On the other hand, if AddMultiPageBitmap fails to convert the XFA PDF file under gendata, then it's likely that the XFA PDF file cannot be converted. The AddMultiPageBitmap rule uses third party software to load and convert PDF files.


            After you have determined whether your system runs under ODSE, I would suggest open a service request with Oracle Support. Providing the ODSE environment to Support will help determine if there's anything that can be done to support your XFA PDF file. They should also be able to help determine how to get your ODEE environment to error out when your system tries to process a PDF file that isn't able to be converted.