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      even tho I know its the correct password, I keep getting incorrect password message, if I reset can I put original password back is , as I have so many  dyns installed

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          Your password must not contain special characters reserved for URL escaping/encoding if you use this for IP address updates.  And yes, you can try to enter a previous password which worked if the site allows to apply a previously used password.  If not, you may consider to use the Updater Client Key instead of the password going further.

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            Hi 4102508 In short - yes you can change your password back to your previous so as to not have to update all of the devices.


            That said, if your previous password does not conform to current password security standards for any reason you will not be able to change it back. For this reason it is recommended to use an updater client key instead of the account password so if the password is changed it would not impact devices.



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