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    Limit of psservers per Web Server


      Is there a limit of application servers you can have in a pool per the web server in the configuration.properties?  I tried to see if there a hard limit.  I had 4 and tried to add 6 and was getting thrown an invalid format issue when I added the final 2.  All were host:port, and I didn't have an issue until i went from 4 to 6.  Our load balancer handles to rotation so I just wanted to add all 6 to the pool.   If there is a limit I can simply distribute them equally among the 6 web servers.  I was just trying to use one standard configuration for all.  There are tons of article on load balancing, but I'm not seeing a hard limit issue. 


      Removed the actual host name and port, but it's pretty standard.


      psserver=host:port,host:port,host:port, host:port,host:port,host:port