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    Error - Applying Latest AD, TXK Patches to our EBS 12.2.8


      EBS 12.2.8




      Hi ALL,


      I was able to  apply latest AD/TXK patches to our EBS 12.2.5  using below procedure:


      *Run first adgrants.sql

      1. Adop phase=prepare

      2. adop phase=apply patches=26834480,28280348   merge=yes

      3. adop phase=apply patches=28840822,29965377,29781255 merge=yes

      4. adop phase=finalize

      5. adop phase=cutover

      6. Source run edition again because filesystems have flipped here

      7. adop phase=cleanup

      8. adop phase=fs_clone

      *Migrate latest AD/TXK code to Database:



      But when I applied it to our 12.2.8 ,  I got error on step 2 

      adop phase=apply patches=26834480,28280348   merge=yes


      The error is :

      adopCheckExistingCreateRecord: Record Patch value:26834480
      AutoPatch error:
      ORA-04063: package body "APPS.AD_ZD_ADOP" has errors

      ADOP record after.

      AutoPatch warning:
      Unable to save online Patch information to ADOP repository



      The document also required to set initPROD.ora   below parameter:



      SQL> alter system set _disable_actualization_for_grant=true;
      alter system set _disable_actualization_for_grant=true
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-00911: invalid character




      Please help....



      Kind regards,