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    Multiproperty in Opera


      Customer runs three separate properties (one 91 rooms, another of 46 rooms and another of 24 rooms) with one reservations teams and same TAX ID and company.



      In regards to multi-property licensing, how is this worked out? Three different set-ups or one set-up?



      If one, what minimum multi-property module is required?



      In regards to channel manager interface, does he need one connection or three different ones for each property?

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          Patricio - HGBU LAD Presales-Oracle

          Hi cfab0718-2c0f-4a85-8e2f-5d483393625c


          Assuming v5 premise:

          If 3 separate servers (eg.: connectivity is no good for a multi-property):

          No option for multi-property. You can add ORS (into one of the properties or completely separted) to be able to do cross-sell


          If 1 server hosts all 3 properties:

          Multiproperty Profiles and Config minimum license to be acquired

          Cross Reservations can be added if reservation team wants to be able to sell all 3 properties from the same screen instead of having to log in separately


          Channel manager needs to be sold per property.