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    Custom HTTP status implementing AutoRest enabled object


      Hi Guys, here Leandro from Argentina.


      I have enabled a lot of objects from our DB, like procedures and functions. This is an awesome feature, that saved us effort, time, resources, and money, so this is the way we are working, enabling DB objects.


      The fact is that I am looking for a way to indicate from my stored enabled proc, to ORDS that I am changing the response status.


      Is there any hack/way/manner to achieve this? How do ORDS maps :status OUTparam, to X-ORDS-STATUS-CODE internally, when using module creation mode?


      If there is not, how do you deal with unsuccessful enabled procedures, functions? I would like to return something like:


      Status 500 Internal Server Error

      Body { message: "The operation can not be performed. Try again later. Sorry" }


      Thanks in advance, and the OOW2019 was great.