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      Hello, can someone guide me in reading the obiee log? I have the following error [nQSError: 59001] Join operation is not permitted on <<390283944>> Binary Join operand (s). When looking for more detail I find this line  InnerJoin <<390283944>> On D901.c2 = D917.c74 and D901.c3 = D917.c75; current join vectors: [0 1 2] = [71 71 72] however, I cannot locate the fields On D901.c2 = D917.c74 and D901.c3 = D917.c75; I don't know what table and fields is referred, if i search d901.c2 I only get this " D901.c2 as c2 [for database 3023:3510985:CONSULTORES BD_DWH,57]", so that doesn´t give me information about the field and table name, can you give me some clue how could I locate them please? Thank you