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    Cannot read property 'Validation' of undefined


      I downloaded JET-Template-Web-NavBar and in dashboard.html and js replaced code given in example but it throws error saying

      Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'Validation' of undefined

          at new DashboardViewModel (dashboard.js:79)

      js file

      define(['ojs/ojpagingdataproviderview', 'ojs/ojcollectiondataprovider', 'ojs/ojmodel', 'ojs/ojvalidation-base',

         'ojs/ojlistview', 'ojs/ojgauge', 'ojs/ojcheckboxset', 'ojs/ojselectcombobox', 'ojs/ojpagingcontrol'],

      function( ko, PagingDataProviderView, CollectionDataProvider, Model, ValidationBase) {



          function DashboardViewModel() {

            var self = this;

            //copy paste of complete example

      rest is complete example copy paste and did not make any change to default main.js that comes with application. All modules seems available (all are 200 ok on debugger)

      Issue is with this line "var converterFactory = ValidationBase.Validation.converterFactory("number");"  don't know why ValidationBase throws error  Validation