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    OEDQ Metadata Information


      I would like extract metadata from EDQ configuration database . Looking for ways to extract source to target info from EDQ Processes / Jobs.

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          This is definitively not supported. EDQ configuration data is stored in a schema that is not designed for separate access/extraction, and is generally too complex to represent in any metadata management solution. This is generally true for most serious data quality products, since they offer so many ways of altering/blending/changing data that tracking what processes do in a practical way is an extremely difficult problem.


          Depending on your requirements you may be able to track data lineage in a simpler way, and/or use EDQ to add metadata to data which can be used to track what it has done (EDQ adds flag attributes at all stages of processing for this purpose.)


          You may also be able to use EDQ's Configuration Report feature which will give full details of configuration for a given process/job as an HTML report.