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    [nQSError: 42039] Columns in BY clause of REPORT totalling function must be in select list

    Dennis Hancy

      I have an analysis that includes a column with this formula:


      IFNULL('@{pv_FileName}',"ReportTable"."File Name")


      "ReportTable"."FileName" is part of a hierarchy in my analysis.  I also include this field as a hidden column on my report.


      @{pv_FileName) is a presentation variable I set via a prompt.  It is being populated correctly.


      I am getting the error in the subject line when I run this.



      One posting I saw on this subject said that a bug was open for this issue (Bug 12664636), although that was eight years ago.


      Another posting I saw suggested unchecking the box "Report-Based Total (when applicable)".  I tried this on both my "IFNULL" column as well as the hidden "ReportTable".FileName" column.  But I am still seeing the error.


      Any suggestions?  Thanks!