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    Oracle JET ListView not able to catch sort event

    Vikram Eswar

      Hi all,


      I have a listview which is being fed by a collection. In order to sort the list item, I perform a sort operation on the collection. However there is a small delay between sorting the collection and the redrawing of the listview to show the new sorted list.


      In simple words, the data behind the listview almost takes no time to sort, but the listview takes a second or two to redraw the new order of the list items.


      Is there a way to catch the sort event on a listview ? for ex, I can catch the collection update event using ojAnimateStart. I tried using the ojReorder event but does not work, I think it only works when the reordering is a result of drag/drop action.


      My end goal is to trigger a function after the listview has finished redrawing..


      Any help on this would be highly appreciated.