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    Using Oracle for External database in Access


      I've been trying to set this up for a while, but I feeling like I'm doing something incorrectly in the install process.


      I have all of the information to connect to the database once I get it installed correctly.


      What I need is to be able to go into my Microsoft Access and connect it. I know the process of how to do so, but I cant get Oracle ora client 12 to show up in the machine languages options. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?

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          Gaz in Oz

          First of all forget about mcrOsOft aCcESs connectivity to for the time being.

          . On the machine you are trying to setup connectivity, have you got an Oracle database clinet installed?

          . Does the database client software match the database server software?

          . Are you using the correct bitness Oracle client libraries that matches ms aCcESs? (32bit, 64bit)

          . If trying to use a preconfigured DSN, are you using the odbcad32.exe, one is for 32bit DSN connections, the other is for 64bit.

          . Can you connect to the Oracle database using an Oracle client like sqlplus?


          Use your favourite search engine and:


          may also help.


          Let's  say by "machine languages" You are actually referring to the tab "Machine Data Sources". For an Oracle 12 data source to appear there, you will have to already have created a DSN. If you click on "New" and you do not see an Oracle 12 driver in that list then you have installed the Oracle database client or Oracle instantclient incorrectly on the machine, or you haven't installed it at all.