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    Mobile Inventory Fluid Config questions


      We are using Mobile Inventory, Fluid, on an iPhone XR wih Honeywell Bluetooth scanner.  We are PS version 9.2, PeopleTools 8.56, we have installed up to PUM 32.  We are struggling with the following.

      • How do we configure so the cursor is in the first field on the Menu option, i.e., Item Stock Inquiry, we would like the cursor to be flashing in the IBU field.  We do not use BU defaults for users as our users work in multiple BUs.
      • How can we configure scanning to add a tab after each scan that works on all pages?  We have a tab that works on some but not all.  For example, it works great on the item stock inquiry but not on manual count.  We do have a tab, we have cleared all prefixes and suffixes, added the tab and saved.  We have also tried adding a CR, still does not work.
      • How can we configure the page so after a user scans the last field, the last scan acts with an action, for example, on the item stock inquiry page, scan the IBU, scan the Item ID, instead of the user having to scroll down on the page after scanning the iemsca id, the since the item id is the the last field that can be scanned, after scanning, the action Search would be activated and the user will be taken to the results page