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    Documaker 12.5 Subform Overflow Last Page Only


      I have a subform that can overflow from 1 to many pages.  I would like "Continued" to print at the bottom of all pages except the last.  On the last page only, a total amount should print which is pulled from the extract file.  A Continued.fap and a Totals.fap have been built and added to the overall footer.  The Continued.fap has the 'Not Last' box checked in Print Control and the Totals.fap has the 'Last Only' box checked.  This is working ok for the 'Continued' print but is not printing the totals on the last page which is blank.


      Can you shed some light on this issue?  Thank you.

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle

          Print control sections work as Copy on Overflow sections and therefore technically exist on every page of the form. However, these only print on the page flagged as appropriate. Therefore, the data mapped on the first instance of your "last page" section - which isn't the one printing. All the other copies made by the overflow and only have field data if those fields were set to have Form Scope.


          Edit the section and set the fields to Form Scope. Check in and test again.