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    SQL developer general unresponsiveness, hangs, and wrong translations in spanish


      I have been using sqldeveloper for many years, and I'm really worried about some issues that I see that are not addressed update after update. It's an opinion shared among many many Oracle PLSQL developers I know. It's not a problem of specific DB, or release, or S.O. It's a problem of how sqldeveloper handles and retrieves DB metadata, beacause is UI blocking.


      Issues like:


      - General unresponsiveness, the UI gets blocked extremely frequently when you do any action, even when you have the "always open unshared worksheet". It is executing code on the UI thread, and sharing all metadata fetch in just one unique DB session. It would be very nice having secondary threads for executing any interaction within the DB, if not, the UI will always be blocked until de DB gives any response. Also, allowing executing all metadata fetch (object lists, object details) in a secondary db session (unshared) would help a lot. Experiencing a +7s load for just getting into an table dialog, is very frustrating, and when you move for example to "Restrictions", you must wait many additional seconds until the window loads. Why is it happening? When I execute querys on the catalog, they run instantly. This applies to all interactions within the DB, list object lists, object details windows, package editing etc.

      - Because of previous issue, time to time the UI gets completely blocked, and you have to force terminate sqldeveloper.

      - In spanish, we are seeing a message when opening the edit table pop-up that says "Esperando editor para null" -> "Waiting editor for null". (Funny error translation for years).