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    chassis intrusion failure has occurred.


      getting this alert even after replacing top cover and shutting down host and powering back, per Oracle SOLARIS DOC potential causes could be due to a poor connection of the chassis intrusion cable to the power distribution board (PDB) or a defective chassis intrusion switch. Any other pointers for same.


      Suspect 1 of 1

         Problem class  : fault.security.enclosure-open

         Certainty      : 100%

         Affects        : /SYS

         Status         : faulted




            Status            : faulty

            Location          : /SYS

            Manufacturer      : Oracle Corporation

            Name              : SPARC T5-2

            Part_Number       : 33878095+1+1

            Serial_Number     : AK00XXXXXX


               Manufacturer   : Oracle Corporation

               Name           : SPARC T5-2

               Part_Number    : 33878095+1+1

               Serial_Number  : AK00XXXXXX



      Description : A chassis intrusion failure has occurred.



      Response    : The chassis-wide service required LED will be illuminated.



      Impact      : Server is immediately powered off and the service processor

                    will operate in a degraded mode.



      Action      : Please refer to the associated reference document at

                    http://support.oracle.com/msg/SPT-8000-AP for the latest

                    service procedures and policies regarding this diagnosis.