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    12.2 Favorite API


      We are about to upgrade to 12.2


      With the new features in favorites, plus us wanting to push the new GUI dashboard as a great enhancement, we also wanted to auto populate for all our users some favorite links to common tasks, and a few intranet websites so the new dashboard could be part link hub.


      But per bug Bug 14108658 looks like there is no API still and knowing how these things work probably wont be.


      Seems a little silly to push the new GUI, and then leave it to individual users to muddle through creating their own favorites, and not allow us to have a way to build them for them. We have 10k+ users and if each one took 3 minutes to build one favorite that is over 500 hours lost time.


      Has anyone found a work around that keeps support on side?



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          Meh - I think it should be up to ME as a user what I want to add as MY favorites... Perhaps group them together on a single sub-menu titled "Useful Links" etc, and add that to your menu's. However (personally) I believe the users should be free to decide what is useful for them to have in favorites.

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            Not sure I asked for an option on what I was trying to achieve, but thanks John.


            Does anyone have anything that could actually help me?

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              I offered an alternative (adding a common menu) because as you have already found out, what you want to do isn't supported.

              Favorites are held against the user, so the only way you can add them is for every user. Every time you create a new user, you will have to create their favorites. I don't think it's a very good idea.

              Regardless, if you do with to proceed then you can achieve this by using a variation on the following (unsupported) code.


              insert into icx_custom_menu_entries icme(user_id,
                select u.user_id,
                       (select max(x.display_sequence)+1 from icx_custom_menu_entries x where x.user_id = u.user_id),
                       'HOMEPAGE:' || u.user_id,
                  from fnd_user u
                 where user_name=:my_user_name;
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                Sorry John for being curt


                I'm just very frustrated with Oracle delivering as normal delivery of product without thought of its use.


                For us its a big exercise is user functionality, menus's create too many clicks and would be hidden away.


                In the end we decided not to push the new dashboard in the upgrade, feedback was not positive from testers (Users main issue was empty page with no links and manager feed back unhappy with common links having to be built by each user).


                Like I mentioned its 3 mins to add for each user, but for 10,000 users that becomes a lot of minutes.


                A big shame as we wanted to make use of the notification area as well


                Happy New Year



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                  Unfortunately for dashboard-style stuff, the official line is "you can do that in Fusion - upgrade to that".


                  Just going off the above where you manually insert into "icx_custom_menu_entries" - you could just build a process which merges into that table and schedule it on a concurrent request to run say once a day? So you'd create a "master table" of favourites (or even just create a single dummy user and use their menu as the favourites master) and then have a merge statement which inserts into icx_custom_menu_entries for all currently active users? That would be minimal effort, and would apply the favourites to all new users you created in your organization.