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    Planning Cloud (PBCS) Certification New Version and Practice Questions


      Hello All,


      I have been preparing for the PBCS Certification exam 1z0-982 for a while now. Just today, I went online to register and I realized that there is a new version of the exam 1z0-1080. I compared the two versions topics thoroughly and I couldn't spot any differences except the addition of the Financial Reporting Studio. Also, I see that the new version 1z0-1080 has 63 questions as opposed to 80 questions in 1z0-982! Now I'm a bit indifferent about which version to register for. I have been preparing and practicing based on the 1z0-982 version. I understand that it's always better to go for the latest version but I'm not sure if this would be a good idea now. It seems like that version has just been released.


      Has anyone taken the 1z0-1080 ? Do you know a reliable website to try and practice the new version questions?


      I'd appreciate your help.