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    my cloud account have been terminated without my consent, why?




      long story short.

      I'm an existing user from dyn.com. I need to do the transition to oracle cloud infrastructure.

      I've been trying to do that this summer with the help of the office in ireland but we did encounter an error in the dns creation system from oracle so I was waiting for him to give me some news about the ticket but I never received any news of him and it seems that I'm not able to contact the person in charge again.

      My account have been terminated the 27 th september I don't know why since I didn't do anything for that to happen and especially since I was waiting on an update about the technical problem.

      I don't understand how to reactivate it, and I don't understand who to contact to for that.

      I'm still able to login on the cloud platform but I'm not able to reach the infrastructure services which gives me a 500 error.

      So can anyone help me with that or give me some leads to who to contact ?

      Thanks in advance