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    iscsi on solaris 11.4 (x86)


      I added some generic iscsi disks to my solaris 11.4 server for clients to mount.  However, if I do a graceful shutdown, the server will indefinitely hang with the following:

      svc.startd[14]: [ID 737100 daemon.warning] svc:/network/iscsi/target:default: Method or service exit timed out.  Killing contract 126.

      Oct 28 20:11:14 sinaloa last message repeated 398 times


      And these errors too:


      Oct 15 22:47:51 sinaloa iscsit: [ID 939360 kern.warning] WARNING: iscsi target iqn.2019-09.net.coolbones:finsbury is being deleting


      The only way to reboot is a hard reset or issue "reboot" instead of "shutdown".  Anyone can shed any light?



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          Does anyone have any answers?  Is solaris really not being supported anymore?

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            Darren Moffat-Oracle

            Solaris fully supported by Oracle still.  However these forums have never been the official support channel.  If you need timely answers then you need to log an SR with Oracle Support.  Any support or answers we give here are best efforts and may come from community members rather than just Oracle support staff.


            You don't mention which 11.4 SRU you are running, and we don't have enough information.  The best way forward is for you to log an SR.



            Darren J Moffat - Oracle Solaris Engineering - Senior Software Architect