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    Domain registration blocked


      Our domain registration got blocked at friday without warning. I have never faced this issue since I have been using dyn for 8 years. Since my domain registration was blocked on friday, I tried to contact dyn support, well it looks like they are not operating on weekends.

      I have sent tickets through https://account.dyn.com/support/contact/ I expected an automated reply but I did not get any response, so I also sent an email directly to dyn's support team. Ticket ID: #01154170

      I still have not gotten any response from dyn's team after waiting for roughly 24 hours. I have also tried calling dyn's phone support but instead of speaking to their support team, I was redirected to another automated voice message which again was asking for details on the issue.


      Well since I had no luck with dyn's support, I went through their FAQ to understand what could of went wrong if a domain registration is blocked.

      it could of happened due the misconfiguration of my webserver which is the actual case. I went through my webserver and cloudflare logs and I noticed many false positive logs for a malicious behavior. This error has occur because my company's technical team has misconfingured the webserver.

      The webserver misconfiguration has already been rectified, now we would like the support team to unblock our domain as this issue has caused a 72 hour downtime and counting. I am honestly dissapointed with dyn's support centre. I remember about 5 years back, I was very impressed with dyn's support centre. However now, dyn's customer service quality has dropped alot. Other registras are providing 24 hours support with live chat, why is dyn not doing the same?