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    Link Order Fulfillment to Invoice


      Has anyone had success linking an Item Fulfillment to a new Invoice? I have a client who uses Sales Orders as blankets and Fulfills multiple times and Invoices after each one. They would like to reference the Fulfillment number on the Invoice, so their customer can reference the correct shipment on the Invoice. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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          Hello 4121980,


          If both the Item Fulfillment and Invoice records are Created from the same Sales Order, you can do the following:

          • Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Field / Transaction Line Item Field (Depends on where you want the field to show) > New
          • Type: List/Record(Only 1 Item Fulfillment) / Multiple Select (If you want to link multiple Item fulfillment record), List/Record: Transaction
          • Under Sourcing & Filtering
            • Filter Using: Type, Compare Type: Equal, Value Is: Item Fulfillment
            • Filter Using: Created From, Compare Type: Equal, Compare To Field: Created From
          • Hit Save
          • Then on the Custom Form of your Invoice just make sure to display the field created above