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    Oracle iProcurement Search Functionality


      Can someone enlighten me on how the search functionality in iProcurement works, and (if possible) how it can be improved? I believe we're on Oracle EBS R12.

      I should preface by saying that I'm not in IT, so layman's terms would be appreciated. The attached screenshot shows what I see in iProc. At the top-left, it shows Stores, so I can search by a vendor name. However, the user won't always know the vendor name. If I search for "mobile phone" in this field, for instance, no results are returned.

      Even if I scroll down to Shopping Category and search for "mobile phone", I get "No matching values" even though we have punchout catalogs for three different mobile phone service providers. I want to understand what the logic is here. I wish it was a bit more Amazon-like in returning items.

      If I was to approach my IT department, can anything be done to improve the search functionality? Can we configure it to allow search by Description instead of just Store?

      Thanks for any insight!