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    datapatch fails with Error :ORA-01422: "exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows" & ORA-06512: "DBMS_SQLPATCH" (Doc ID 2294009.1)


      Dear Commnuity,


      i am facing this issue in a multitenant database where the ORA-1422 errors appears during datapatch not only in CDB$ROOT, but also in PDB$SEED and customer PDB.


      Is the workaround of MOS Note  (Doc ID 2294009.1)  of dropping and recreating registry$sqlpatch also applicable for multienant to perform in all containers?







      Take the backup of registry$sqlpatch


      SQL>create table registry$sqlpatch_backup as select * from registry$sqlpatch ;


      SQL>drop table registry$sqlpatch;




      Re-run ‘datapatch -verbose’