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    PeopleSoft ELM 9.2 Integration with Webex-Webcasts-Vendor Config zip upload-Still in use?


      Hi Team,


      Thank you for the time to review this post. I've done a bit of research on Oracles site regarding 3rd party integrations for webcasts with ELM. I have seen that in most cases the vendor supplies the configuration files, we load them and configure the messages. I have obtained Oracles documents but they are quite antiquated though the messaging is still supported. I've also contacted our Webex rep and was told they could not find any specific integration for PeopleSoft (zip file for vendor config) and was directed to their general API Webex for developers Page.


      I thought I would ask, is anyone using any integration with Webex within PeopleSoft ELM 9.2. If yes, Please indicate if you had to create a custom solution or if you use the vendor zip file upload process.


      I'm hopeful this post will save me some time assembling my own custom config to import only to find out it's not longer working. Thank you in advance!!!!


      Reviewed following support references:


      ELM: FAQ Regarding Third-party Integration and Content Launching (Doc ID 620798.1)



      ELM 9.X: Webcast Configuration Files And Documentation (Doc ID 1091272.1)