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    THREADS in PAY_ACTION_PARAMETERS - Does it hurt to increase if you have the CPU?


      I have been proposing that we increase our "THREADS" value in PAY_ACTION_PARAMETERS for Oracle EBS 12.1.3 from 8 to 16.  We have 36 CPU on each DB node and the manager has 30 managers to run them... So we are good there.


      I am wondering what the risks are if any?  I am encountering pushback from people saying "It will make things slow" with no quantitative facts to back their claim.  I on the other hand have tested some various processes and seen about 30% improvement (decrease) in run time (running a baseline with 8 threads, then another at 16 threads, then setting it back to 8 to confirm).


      I am looking for other professionals opinions on this topic.


      I am grateful for any feedback.