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    Fluid Candidate Gateway / TAM - Users are receiving errors in the Activity Guide


      Fluid Candidate Gateway / TAM - Internal users/current employees are receiving errors in the Fluid Apply for Job Activity Guide (along the lines of page errors or content not submitted correctly) yet they are still able to navigate through the activity guide and submit their job applications allegedly without required data (like uploading a resume and answering the questionnaire); however, they can see they have submitted resumes and questionnaire answers and believe they have correctly filled out the form - it could be rolling back the data due to some conflict or exception, but we are having trouble pinpointing root cause. We do have search indices (full ones) running to load new Job Openings and bring down closed JOs off the CG site during the day at 4 am and 4 pm if that information helps; at other times it's an incremental index. If anyone has seen this behavior, it would be helpful to know how to prevent/resolve it - thank you very much for any guidance! See attached for an example of an error an internal candidate received.