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    <amx:selectOneChoice> component doesn't lose focus with iOS 13 Update

    Parteek Passi

      In Oracle MAF, I am using simple selectOneChoice component as:



            <amx:selectOneChoice id="selectOneChoice1" value="#{pageFlowScope.componentProperties.value}" label="#{pageFlowScope.componentProperties.label}">

            <amx:selectItem label="Item 1" value="item1"/>

            <amx:selectItem label="Item 2" value="item2"/>

            <amx:selectItem label="Item 3" value="item3"/>


      This is working fine on iPad with iOS 11, iOS 12  but when I run the same code in iOS 13, This component has a problem,
      In iOS 13, if I tab on selectOneChoice component and it shows the list of items, If i Don't change the value OR select the same item option again, then it doesn't lose the focus from selectOneChoice component. After that we I tab on any button, it shows selectOneChoice list again.


      However, If I select different item from the selectOneChoice list , then it loses the focus and everything works fine.


      I am able to reproduce it on Oracle Sample app as well in CompGellery Project in Text & Select section.