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    FDMEE - On prem to On prem?


      If I am using FDMEE Onprem, how do I push data from one application on prem to another application on prem? For example SampleApp is on Server 1 and I want to push data to another on prem server, Server 2? We are doing this currently via ODI, but can this be done on Data Management On prem?


      When I create a target application on Server 1 (on prem), I only get the Local and Cloud options. Nothing where the target is Server 2.



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          If the two applications are in the same environment that you can create an import format with the SampleApp as the source. But I guess that is not the case for you. You could export the data to the openbatch folder for the second server using the FDMEE naming convention for the POV. You would then need an automated process to load the files. I don't think there's a neat way of doing it but I am very happy to be told otherwise.