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    On hand error while completing the Work Order


      Hello Team,


      Getting the below error while completing the work order in fusion manufacturing. I have checked out the related component and found its onhand is 0, currently, it was -1 earlier. I did the misc. transaction to make it '0'. It is 'phantom' WIP supply type.


      Please advice what action we need to take here.


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          Padraig Smyth

          Phantom means that the supply flows through to the components under that BOM.


          While the phantom should not have had a negative quantity more than likely it's one of the components in it's BOM that now has insufficient supply.

          Suggest exploding out your BOM or looking at your pick list to see what item needs to be adjusted and also look at the supply type. If you are getting that error on Completion then one of it's components is trying to backflush and with negatives not allowed is unable to do so.