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    Potential jdbc installation bug ORDS 19.2 DB 18.3 - dbms_service_prvt.get_topology

    Olafur T



      Ran into this issue during a fresh install of Oracle 18c. Installed ORDS into the PDB not CDB.

      Tomcat 8 as application server.


      Started seeing non-stop errors in the alert.log

      PDB(3):WARNING: too many parse errors, count=561200 SQL hash=0xcd9b76f4
      PDB(3):PARSE ERROR: ospid=29325, error=904 for statement:
      PDB(3):select dbms_service_prvt.get_topology('pdb') from dual
      PDB(3):...Current username=ORDS_PUBLIC_USER
      PDB(3):...Application: Oracle REST Data Services Action:


      Fixed it by executing "grant execute on dbms_service_prvt to ords_public_user"