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    Feature request: suppress "Connection reset by peer" errors

    Olafur T



      ORDS 19.2, DB 18.3 and Tomcat 8 (plus NGINX as the friendly greeter)


      So one of the tests I am doing is testing migrating an application to ORDS, i.e. emulating traffic from production http access logs and using all the features of the application and monitoring how ORDS holds up.

      The nature of the web is that a user can close a tab, go somewhere else if it takes too long to load etc.. One of the frontend plugins we use is an autocomplete for input forms. So if a user types slow a HTTP GET will be initiated and then canceled with a status code 499 (client cancelled).


      This produces a 2 page long error in the Catalina that is essentially 2 times "Caused by: java.io.IOException: Connection reset by peer" followed by the stack


      I have really googled and it seems to me that I can not use the JVM/Tomcat to suppress these errors, it has to be done in the deployed application. ( if getMEssage() .equals() "Connection reset by peer" ignore)

      I don't look at these errors as an application error but a marginal error with normal usage and would like to ignore them to be better able to view actual ORA- errors that impact the application.


      If I'm wrong and this is a configuration issue, I would appreciate it if anyone knows how to disable these errors.