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    Has the externalise export file path behaviour changed in v12?

    Stephen Thompson

      We have a screening job that is called from a .bat file.  In the .bat file we provide an override string to override the location of an export so that our file is written out to a sub-folder of landingarea.  In v11 this was successfully writing out a .jmp file to our landingarea/Customer/Batch/ExportToHub folder.  In v12, with no other apparent changes, the export now writes out straight into landingarea and not the sub-folder..


      The default data store used in the export is defined as Customer/Batch/ExportToHub/entities.jmp

      The override string we use in the .bat file is -D phase.*.export.CUST_Entity_FilteredExport.file_in_server_work_area=\%OutputEnt%  where %OutputEnt% is just the filename of the .jmp file, with no path provided.


      The folder security permissions all look to be correct.  Is it possible the behaviour of the externalised exports and data stores has changed at all from v11 to v12?

      (We can of course use a workaround and prefix the variable with a hard-coded path in the .bat file, but that would mean changing multiple scripts.  We would rather understand why this is happening).