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    PL/SQL Source type : offset issue


      When use offset in a PL/SQL block which is used in ords, not allowed to use variables




          open :hits for


              cursor( select *

                        from rdd_provider

                        order by prvd_ak

                        offset nvl(:p_from,0) rows fetch next nvl(:p_size,5) rows only ) hits

          from dual;



      p_from and p_size are sent as input parameter


      The above fails --

      An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

      Validation Information:

      Wed Nov 06 10:24:29 EST 2019

      Module: provider  Template: prov  Handler: GET

      Syntax Error at line 13, column 25

                        offset p_from rows fetch next p_size rows only ) hits


      Expected: digits,

      Vendor code 0


      ** we are able to directly edit ords_metadata.ords_handler directly and it does works