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    Vdbench Failing to Run due to Write Access issues


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to create a test script to run some benchmarking on Storage devices using CentOS 8 Virtual Machines and Block Storage devices.


      I've been successful in the past in running tests with Vdbench, however lately I've been facing a lot of issues when trying to run the tests. Here is my script:











      When trying to run the tool with the above information, I get the following output:


      Copyright (c) 2000, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

      Vdbench distribution: vdbench50407 Tue June 05  9:49:29 MDT 2018

      For documentation, see 'vdbench.pdf'.



      16:57:45.131 Created output directory '/home/test/Vdbench/Output014'

      16:57:45.150 input argument scanned: '-fvdbench.txt'

      16:57:45.150 input argument scanned: '-oOutput+'


      16:57:45.189 Adjusted default JVM count for host=localhost from jvms=1 to jvms=4 because of iorate=max and a total of 4 sds.


      16:57:45.219 Starting slave: /home/test/Vdbench/vdbench SlaveJvm -m localhost -n localhost-10-191106- -l localhost-0 -p 5570 

      16:57:45.240 Starting slave: /home/test/Vdbench/vdbench SlaveJvm -m localhost -n localhost-11-191106- -l localhost-1 -p 5570 

      16:57:45.261 Starting slave: /home/test/Vdbench/vdbench SlaveJvm -m localhost -n localhost-12-191106- -l localhost-2 -p 5570 

      16:57:45.281 Starting slave: /home/test/Vdbench/vdbench SlaveJvm -m localhost -n localhost-13-191106- -l localhost-3 -p 5570 

      16:57:45.576 All slaves are now connected

      16:57:45.683 sd=sd4,host=localhost,lun=/mnt/sde1 does not have write access.

      16:57:45.684 sd=sd3,host=localhost,lun=/mnt/sdd1 does not have write access.

      16:57:45.684 sd=sd2,host=localhost,lun=/mnt/sdc1 does not have write access.

      16:57:45.684 sd=sd1,host=localhost,lun=/mnt/sdb1 does not have write access.


      16:57:46.190 Please check above failures


      java.lang.RuntimeException: Please check above failures

              at Vdb.common.failure(common.java:350)

              at Vdb.InfoFromHost.matchDataWithSds(InfoFromHost.java:685)

              at Vdb.InfoFromHost.receiveInfoFromHost(InfoFromHost.java:496)

              at Vdb.SlaveOnMaster.processSlave(SlaveOnMaster.java:151)

              at Vdb.SlaveOnMaster.run(SlaveOnMaster.java:42)

      [root@CentOS_Perf_VM1 Vdbench]#


      I've already review the networking configuration, as well as the hosts configuration, however this error keeps coming up. Any suggestions on what I could try next?


      Thanks in advance for any replies.