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    Unable to launch Essbase studio and others.


      Hi All,


      I have installed EPM suite on windows server 2012 R2 OS 64 bit. I installed and able configure.

      I forgot to extract Oracle HTTP server zipfile, but i could able to configure Weblogic Embedded HTTP server (28080 port) while configuration.

      I could able to open work space with this port. There are few things i could not able to do it they are:

      1. I did not configure OBIEE and BI publisher with EPM while configuration first time. When i try to configure later on by launching EPM System Configurator (all instances). i am getting the following window and not able to close the window and nothing was happening.


      2. I am not able launch Ess base Studio. I click on Essbase Studio Console, a popup windows comes and disappears and nothing happens.

          ( Note: i am able launch essbase studio admin services)

      3. I am not able login to the FR studio.


           It's giving you are not authorized message.


           I have given server url : https://localhost:28080. It couldnot open i have tried for 8200 and 8243 ports also but no result. Log file says

      4. EPM workspace does not show FR studio in the install part. Why am not able to see the FR studio and others?

      Please let me know how to trouble shoot the above ones.