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    Oracle VM and port mirroring




      We want to audit network connections inside of OVM.


      For example, we have OVM 3.3 on few physical hosts (lets, say virt-1, virt-2, virt-3...), each of them running few guests.

      virt-1: guest-1, guest-2

      virt-2: guest-3, guest-4


      For communication between physical hosts (virt-1 -> virt-2) and I guess communication between guests running on different hosts (guest-1 -> guest-3) we will use port mirroring on switches.

      How can we capture/mirror traffic between guests on same host (ie, guest-1 -> guest-2)?


      In vmware, it is done in vswitch/vmware directly as part of host configuration. How can we do this in OVM?


      Thank you for help,


      Jan Klepek