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    Updating table column with arabic text

    Shareef Khaleel

      Dear All,


      We are using db; OS: Oracle Linux 7.3


      For business needs we have to update database table records from other data source stored in text file; for that we created directory object and external table;


      We are doing this under Linux;


      One of columns in external table are in Arabic, we can read records from this external table file; as you can see in attached image (Although we have to read Arabic from left to right):



      And we can read Arabic columns from database table by setting NLS_LANG=.AL32UTF8 first; then query records; also have to read Arabic columns from left to right.


      Any how.


      When we update database table (merge external file records into database table) records updated; but columns with Arabic values stored in different characters:





      We don't have any issue in Arabic in Windows OS; we can insert, update, select.... Arabic data with no issue at all.


      Out put of:


      SELECT *




      NLS_CHARACTERSET                        AR8ISO8859P6



      external text file format [  file -i Coordinates.dat  ]is:

      text/plain; charset=utf-8




      Can you please help me in this issue.



      Thanks and Regards,