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    How to generate payments and withholdings with the same date than PPR confirmation date?


      Hi all

      We are working with Argentinean Localization. eBS 12.2.4

      We are creating PPRs one day and confirming it several days after.

      This is causing that payments and withholdings are created with PPR's creation date, but we need them to be created with PPR's confirmation date.

      Why? We need to inform withholdings the first day of the month (we inform withholdings generated during previous month). If we create a PPR for ex on October, and confirm it on November, on 11/01 we will not see those withholdings, but when confirming, they will be created on october. So they will be missed when informing to the Tax Authority.

      If we can generate payments and withholdings using PPR confirmation date, we should not miss any withholding. In previous example, withholding would be created with November date and will be informed on 12/01.