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    adop apply merge=yes



      on an adop apply, can we user merge=yes on patch from different module like ap,po,icx

      they recommend the option on AD patch and TXK doc 1617461.1 for additional critical patches



      ebs 12.2.4

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          Hi Akil Roy,

          If merge finds incompatible patches it will inform and discontinue.

          As with adop you have the option to give multiple patches, merging may not even required in many cases.

          As long as patches are compatible with adop it will merge and apply patches if merge=yes is mentioned


          ad merge can still be used with 12.2 as well






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            Even though you can merge the patches separately from applying them, why would you do that?


            I have 5 languages.  I can't find the doc, but it said, to apply the US patches first, you can merge them. then the nls patches merged.

            I do that sometimes, but usually I list all the patches with merge=y


            if you don't say merge=y, it will apply all the patches individually.

            Like this:

            adop phase=apply patches=28081279:u28081279.drv, 28081279_PTB:u28081279.drv, 28081279_I:u28081279.drv, 28081279_D:u28081279.drv, 28081279_F:u28081279.drv, 22465795:u22465795.drv, 22465795_F:u22465795.drv, 22465795_I:u22465795.drv, 22465795_PTB:u22465795.drv, 22465795_D:u22465795.drv merge=yes


            I've merged enough patches to know it's never failed on incompatible patches and it doesn't care how you list them.  it will find equilibrium when it's done.

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