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    PL/SQL Search Source Code not working in 19.2


      I saw this exact same problem posted by someone else, but the issue was archived without a resolution.  (Searching is not working on code editor, and Data Dictionary/PLSQL/Search Source Code/Text Search -19.1 SQL Developer )


      Re-raising the issue because it hasn't gone away, and I still don't see an answer.


      I'm using the "Search Source Code" option under All Reports / Data Dictionary Reports / PLSQL


      This no longer finds any rows.  I still have a 17.4 install on my machine, and the same search yields the results I am looking for.  The author of the archived post had similar problems.  They were using 18.3 and working fine.  Then, no results in 19.2


      NOTE: this was using the "Text Search" option (NOT the "PL/SQL Object Name" )