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    Howto create a FIFO based script that runs in backround to provide a log-rotation?


      Is there someone who could offer a solution for a fifo based log-roration script (Maybe in perl)  or binary that can handle with Input and outputfile an create a pid file?


      exampe.pl or example.binary  [opt] [<infile>] <outfile>

                opt:  -1             one-line-buffered output
                      -p <pidfile>   save process id in <pidfile>

           function:  append input to <outfile>.
                      On receiving SIGHUP <outfile> will be closed and reopened,
                      thus enabling log-rotation of outfile.

               note:  if no <infile> is given, use STDIN.

                      Passing a named FIFO is not treated exactly in the same way
                      as input redirection from a fifo or an unnamed pipe:
                      A named fifo as argument will be reopened on EOF - a redirected input will not!


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