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    Issue with v$service_event view in Oracle Multitenant


      We are experiencing an issue where all of the event stats for all of our services in v$service_event are only shown in one pluggable. So we have a pluggable database which has a local user which has the select_catalog_role role granted to it.

      When we query the v$service_event view from within that PDB we get data from all of the pluggables including root. If we do the same query in another PDB we don't get anything back. If we query the v$service_event view from the root container we get all of the v$service_event rows from all containers but the con_id  column is the container id of the pluggable where we can see everything, as mentioned before. Also it appears that the last PDB we create, the one with the highest CON ID, is the one that we can query all of v$service_event from. Has anyone else seen this? I've seen this on Oracle versions 12.1 and 19c.